A Resume of Storm # 3

After yesterdays storm the clean up has started. Kudos to BC Hydro for their efforts. A thank you too to all the first responders.  Below is a resume of the winds and rain as received from the weather office. To ARES members thanks for being there.

Weather summary
for British Columbia
issued by Environment Canada
at 4:47 a.m. PDT Sunday 16 October 2016.


An intense but compact storm moved across the South Coast last 
night. The low pressure centre associated with the storm made 
landfall along Vancouver Island near Bamfield at around 7pm, then 
tracked northeastward, moving just south of Port Alberni before 
crossing onto the Sunshine Coast. 

As the storm approached the coast, very strong southeast winds 
developed up the Strait of Georgia impacting many of the islands and 
the Sunshine Coast. As the storm moved across the Island, a plume of 
very strong southerly winds developed just south of the low 
extending from near Carmanah into Howe Sound. 

The very compact structure of the low produced intense winds but 
over a fairly limited area. The track onto the Sunshine Coast 
limited impacts to regions further south. 

The following is a summary of weather event information received by 
Environment Canada. 

1. Summary of maximum wind gusts in km/h: 

Metro Vancouver 
Point Atkinson (Lighthouse Park): 91 
Tssawwassen Ferry Terminal: 72 
Sandheads Lightstation: 80 
YVR: 63 

Fraser Valley 
Abbotsford Airport: 59 

Greater Victoria 
Trial Island: 96 
Discovery Island: 85 
Kelp Reefs: 85 
YYJ: 69 
Gonzales Point: 61 
Race Rocks 100 

Howe Sound 
Pam Rocks 111 

East Vancouver Island & Gulf Islands 
Entrance Island: 85 
Sisters Island: 109 
Ballenas Island: 107 
Saturna Island: 98 
Chrome Island: 94 
Nanaimo Airport: 70 

Sunshine Coast 
Sechelt: 74 
Grief Point (near Powell River): 89 
Merry Island: 96 

West Vancouver Island 
Carmanah Lighthouse: 83 
Cape Beale Lighthouse: 78

Please note that this summary may contain preliminary or unofficial 
information and does not constitute a complete or final report.


As of 0830 Oct 15 2016 CECA has been moved to Level 2 Standby because of the storm expected later today. CECA members are asked to check their email for further information.

UPDATED 15 OCT 2016  2130 LOCAL  Level 2 Standby has been stood down.  No further action is anticipated as a result of this storm. Wind warning has ended, but rainfall warning remains in effect for the Nanaimo area

UPDATED 15 OCT 2016 2030 LOCAL  EOC’S remain open in Nanaimo,Delta and North Vancouver ( others may also be open but I am not aware)  Power outages continue to occur along both sides of the Strait of Georgia with roughly 30,000 people without power. There are currently power outages in Nanaimo Cedar and Gabriola Island.  Roughly ten thousand in Nanaimo and 2500 on Gabriola Island.Winds in Georgia Strait are SSE at 39 knots, gusting to 41 knots. All weather warnings remain in effect.


UPDATED 15 OCT 2016 1730 LOCAL:  Flood Watches now issued. A Seaspan tug in Howe Sound reports winds of 70 knots.  Some ARES units remain on standby

Flood Watch: Eastern Vancouver Island (issued October 15, 2016 4:00 PM)


UPDATED  15 OCTOBER 2016  1400 LOCAL   BC FERRIES have announced cancellation of all sailings between Vancouver Island and the Mainland. BC Hydro have activated their EOC as well as several mini EOC’s Some ARES units have been placed on standby

Below is the latest from the weather office



ARES Leaders Some Useful Information

Are you familiar with Landslide types and processes ?  The site noted below will give you some interesting information on what happens in a landslide.  ARES leaders don’t have to be experts in everything, but sometimes a basic understanding of the event will make actions taken by others make sense and help you understand the big picture. This can make you a more effective and efficient leader


ENVIRONMENT CANADA Special Weather Statement BC South Coast ..UPDATE 13 OCT 2016

UPDATE 13 OCT 2016 0900 LOCAL  Wind Warning have now been issued. Marine Gale warnings remain in effect too



UPDATE  12 OCT 2016; The Special Weather statements remain in place as many areas prepare for the heavy rain and winds. Part of the storm are the remains of Typhoon Songda.  Check your local forecasts for updates. ARES folks are you ready if needed ?

High winds and heavy rains are predicted as a series of storms approach the BC Coast. Rain, in the order of 200 mm and winds up to80 kph are forecast.  To read the entire statement go to